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June 2012    The Atlantic

March 2012    The Atlantic

March 2011    The New York Times

December 2010    The New York Times

No Child Left Behind: The Good and the Bad

A Mom Congress report on kids, testing, and the law that is failing our schools.

September 2009    Parenting

Inside Intelligence

Brain Imagery Supports the Idea of Diverse Intelligences

April 2009    Edutopia

Outside In: The Walden Project Helps Students See the Forest for the Trees

Teens Discover Science, Community, and a Newfound Love of Learning

March 2007    Edutopia

Cross Training: Arts and Academics Are Inseparable

Students Major in Theater, Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, or Visual Art

October 2006    Edutopia

January 2004    The Eagle-Tribune

January 2002    The Boston Globe

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