June 2013    KQED's The California Report

March 2012    The Sacramento Bee

March 2011    The New York Times

September 2011    The New York Times

Grand Slam: Performance Poetry Engages Students

Global Writes, a Bronx-based nonprofit, helps students reach new heights in literacy and life through live poetry competitions.

March 2010    Edutopia

Collaboration Generation: Teaching and Learning for a New Age

Our Future Success Depends on Our Cooperative Agility

December 2008    Edutopia

August 2008    Edutopia

November 2007    Edutopia

Outside In: The Walden Project Helps Students See the Forest for the Trees

Teens Discover Science, Community, and a Newfound Love of Learning

March 2007    Edutopia

The Advantage of Disadvantage: Teachers with Disabilities Are Not a Handicap

Disabled Teachers Bring a Unique Perspective to the Classroom

September 2007    Edutopia

Mining for Gold: Writer Samuel G. Freedman’s Education

"Even in Some of the Most Benighted Places, This Magic Between Teacher and Student Happens."

February 2007    Edutopia

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